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Podhouse 90

Podhouse 90

A scripted anthology series of original radio plays by Frank Conniff.

Current Episode
Dracula Has Risen in the Polls
Starring Trace Beaulieu, Eddie Pepitone, Julie Klausner, Dana Gould, Laraine Newman, Emily Maya Mills, Joe Keyes, J. Elvis Weinstein, Demorge Brown, Rachel Lichtman, Olana DiGirolamo, Mark Thompson. Written & Directed by Frank Conniff; Produced by Thomas Chan, Frank Conniff and Tony Conniff; Music by Tony Conniff; Lyrics by Frank Conniff; Musical Director Tony Conniff; Music performed by Tony Conniff, with Larry Saltzman on guitar; Theme song vocals by Karen Lloyd; Sound Design by Thomas Chan and Jay Posner; Recorded and Mixed at Amalgamated Sound & Picture; A Podhouse 90 Production.

Previous Episode
South by South Satan
Starring Dana Gould, J. Elvis Weinstein, Emily Maya Mills, Laraine Newman, Emo Philips, David Higgins, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Joe Keyes, Ron Lynch, Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, Mark Thompson, Kipleigh Brown and Frank Conniff. Written and Directed by Frank Conniff, Music by Tony Conniff, Lyrics by Frank Conniff. Produced by Thomas Chan, Frank Conniff, Olana DiGirolamo and Tony Conniff, Musical Direction by Tony Conniff, Music performed by Tony Conniff with Larry Saltzman on guitar, “Foost Family Singers” vocals by Karen Lloyd, “Hell Tool” vocals by J. Elvis Weinstein, Sound design by Jake Posner, Dialogue editing by Rebecca Lord, Recorded, edited and mixed by Jake Posner and Thomas Chan at Amalgamated Sound & Picture, Logo art by Thom Foolery, Web Administration by Alissa Stanley. A Podhouse 90 Production.

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