Frank Conniff

Finally! The latest episode of Podhouse 90, a scripted anthology series of my original radio plays, is here! Dracula Has Risen in the Polls is another musical comedy extravaganza, perhaps the first story ever told in an ePODstolary fashion. And as you’ve come to expect from Podhouse 90, this one features a cast of spectacular comedy talents — Trace Beaulieu, Eddie Pepitone, Julie Klausner, Dana Gould, Laraine Newman, Emily Maya Mills, Joe Keyes, Leite Preto, Rachel Lichtman, Olana DiGirolamo, J. Elvis Weinstein and Mark Thompson, plus vocals from Karen Lloyd and stellar guitar work from Larry Saltzman.

I wrote and directed it, my brother Tony Conniff composed the music, and Thomas Chan did an amazing job producing.

Oh, and here’s the beauty part — it’s FREE!

Me be interviewed… The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Frank Conniff Discusses MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, Invader Zim, Totally Biased, Laughing Liberally

I am the worst video game player ever to play video games on Rebecca Watson’s new video game show, but I had fun because she is awesome…

MBC Presents: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Part 2 of 2)

And here is part 2 of Joel, Trace and I at the museum with our erudite insights on stuff and things and whatnot…

MBC Presents: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Part 1 of 2)

Joel, Trace and I did a panel at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago a few weeks ago. Here is part 1 of a very scholarly discussion about the silly stuff we used to do on the television thingy…

Episode 2 of Podhouse 90, my anthology series of original radio plays, is finally here! South by South Satan is another full-length musical comedy extravaganza, and once again I’ve assembled an amazing cast  Dana Gould (as Satan!), J. Elvis Weinstein, Emily Maya Mills, Laraine Newman, Emo Philips, David Higgins, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Ron Lynch, Joe Keyes, Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano, Kipleigh Brown, Mark Thompson and Yours Truly. With songs by Tony Conniff and myself, and great production work by Thomas Chan. And it’s all FREE! Please give a listen, thanks!